Current Adventure Charters is no longer offering charter services.

It is with sad regret to inform my clients that as of December 31, 2014, I will know longer be running charters. It has been a difficult decision, as I love to take people fishing, teach them how to be good stewards of our coastal resources, and just enjoy our time out on the water together. Many factors have led to this decision, but the biggest reason has to do with the birth of my twin sons Zeb and Blake this past November. The charter industry isn’t very stable, and I feel that I must devote my full time to the Engineering world to ensure that my family is provided for, as they come first. It has been a pleasure fishing with my many clients over the past 10 years and hopefully one day, I will be able to return to the water to continue what I love to do.  With that said, please support my fellow charter guides so that they may continue to do and provide a service that they love. We all really do it because we love to fish!!

Here is a list of captains that I highly recommend and will work hard to ensure that you have a great experience on the water.

Capt. Jason Dail – silverspooncharters.com (910) 540-0319

Capt. Allen Jerigan – Breadman Ventures – 910-467-1482

Capt. Lee Parsons – Gottafly Guide Service – 910-540-2464

Capt. Mike Pederson – No Excuses Charters – 910-352-2715

Capt. Daniel Jarvis – Flat Foot Charters – 828-308-6726

Capt. Ricky Kellum – Speckled Specialist – (910) 330-2745

Capt. Brent Banks – Specktacular Fishing – 910-389-4941

Capt. Wayne Crisco – Last Resort Charters – (910)465-0611






Winners of Redfish Action Challenge #1

Capt. Brent Stanley, Capt. Jason Dail, with winning fish

Capt. Brent Stanley and Capt. Jason Dail take 1st place in the Redfish Action Series Challenge No. 1 and finish 2nd overall for 2012 series!!!

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2009 East Cape VantageAs a native of the Cape Fear North Carolina Coast, I have enjoyed over 40 years navigating and fishing the local waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway. I maintain a 25 Ton Master’s License, and am fully licensed and insured.

Since 2004, Current Adventure Charters has been offering charter services from Topsail Beach to Bald Head Island, NC; piloting and poling the vast backwater creeks, bays and marshes of the Cape Fear coastal area.

When you book a Full or Half day trip with Current Adventure Charters, you can always expect competitive rates but more importantly, you will find your fishing experience is both pleasurable and educational.

As your captain and IFA Redfish Tournamentguide, I specialize in sight fishing for North Carolinas’ state fish, the Red Drum, a.k.a. Redfish. However throughout the adventure, one might expect to catch  Bluefish, Flounder, Black Drum, Speckled Trout,  much, much more.

I will teach you specific characteristics and habits of the species of fish you are targeting and equip you with the techniques needed to catch them. I have multiple tournament wins and have been featured in magazine articles, fish competitively on the IFA Redfish Tour as well as the Redfish Shootout series, have been a regular participant in the Cape Fear Redbone Celebrity Classic, a national tournament to benefit Cystic Fibrosis research and have been filmed by ESPN saltwater.

 I specializes in small groups but can accommodate larger parties with jasonred1provisions for additional Captain services.

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