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From Sneeds Ferry to Bald Head Island, they keep getting bigger!

Rain and lots of it has definitely had an impact on the fishing, but I’ll take quality over quantity any day. Water temps are high and salinity levels are down with all of the recent rain, but quality fish abound when they decide to bite!! Here are some pics from trips this past week.

Post-Arthur Topsail Redfish

Took a little recon trip this morning and found a few Reds willing to eat topwater after Hurricane Arthur passed us by. The water was surprisingly clean after all of the rain.

September 14

Another Redfish Tournament Win!!!

July 27

July 24th Report

Where has the summer gone? It’s half over already. Though the spring was plagued with cool temps and lots of rain, the last few weeks have definitely been more summer like and the fishing has improved. I’m not saying that we are killing the fish every trip, but overall, the bite has been much better. Big specks continue to be caught in both the New and Cape Fear rivers and Redfish are holding in there usual summer holes. There is still a lot of good fishing to be had, so if you’re going to be in the area, give me a call and book a trip!

Here are a few pictures from the past few trips!

Let’s go Fishing!!

Capt. Brent


Topsail Beach, Bald Head Island July 4th Fishing Report

Happy Birthday America!! I hope that everyone has a great and safe 4th of July holiday. Now on to the fishing.

Sorry for the lack of reports this spring, but honestly, I have been very busy on the water and have not made the time to write. Capt. Jason and myself competed in the second tournament of the Redfish Action Series the other weekend and finished 10th. Not the finish we wanted, but we are still second in overall points for the series.

We have been having some fantastic fishing so far this summer. The Redfish bite has been exceptional some days, good others and down right non existent on other days, but all in all, it’s been great! Just yesterday we had a school of a couple hundred fish swimming around the boat on a super slick and calm morning. It just doesn’t get much better than that. Even though we had that many fish around us, we still had to try a couple of different lures till we found one that they really wanted.

During our Redfish trips, we have been having some good catches of Flounder as well. We have caught more keeper Flounder early this summer than I can remember in a long time. Most of the Flounder have been caught using the new Rockport Rattler jig head combined with a 3 or 4-inch Berkley Gulp shrimp. White or pearl has been working the best and our best catches of Flounder have been in the Bald Head Island area, though we have been catching them in the Topsail area as well. Okay, to be fair, the white has worked so good that we really haven’t tried any other colors. This jig head, lure  combination has been working so well that when we do catch a Flounder, I usually have to cut the leader and tie on another jig because the fish completely swallow this bait!

The lower Cape Fear River has also produced some speckled trout in the past couple of weeks. We haven’t had any keepers, but that’s a good sign for what’s to come this fall (and last fall we had an exceptional speckled trout bite).

That’s about it for now. Order you some Rockport Rattler jig heads and give them a try. You want be disappointed. Better yet, ask you local tackle store to stock them. Remember, when fishing the jigs, go as light as possible. I have been fishing a lot of 1/16 oz and 1/8 oz jig heads. You don’t want you lure to sink like a rock. It’s just not natural.

Till next time, tight lines!!

Capt. Brent

March in for Topwater Drum

Spring has sprung along the Carolina coast! This past week we have had temperatures with daytime highs in the upper 70’s to low 80’s with mild nighttime temperature in the upper 50’s to low 60’s. These warm temperatures have made a big boost in our local water temps and yesterday I saw temps anywhere from 64° at the boat ramp to low 70’s on the shallow flats.

I was supposed to be taking one of our fine servicemen out for a trip today, but due to a change in deployment plans, he was not able make the trip. Be safe my friend, wherever your travels may take you!

The day turned out to be a productive day as I found several schools of Redfish in the shallows. The first school that I found was a school of small fish, below the slot limit. However, they are still fun to catch. I decided to really search the body of water that I was fising, and not just hit the “usual” spots that always seem to hold fish. It was a good call. As I was slowly making my way through the water, I saw a fish blow up on some bait just behind me. I spun the Vantage around to make a few cast and as I did, I saw a small school of nice Reds directly underneath me. I deployed my power pole to hold my position and began to really work this area. After making several cast with soft plastics with no luck, I decided to try a topwater plug. It didn’t take long to get looker. I made another cast and once again, a drum made a subtle attempt to eat. I stopped the lure and watched at the Redfish eased up  behind the mullet colored skitter walk, but he was just checking it out, so I made a small twitch of the lure as if to make an attempt to get away and that’s all it took, FISH ON!!

I had a few more fish make slight attempts to eat the topwater plug, but they just weren’t being aggresive enough, so I moved on. A few hundred yards away, I encountered yet another school of fish. The fish were chasing bait, so I had a pretty good idea that they would bite, and I was right. As I slowly approached the school I made a long cast. During the retrieve, I look just ahead of me and could see a couple of redfish just 15 feet in front of me. I started to quickly retrieve my lure to try and get it in front of these fish and to my surprise, another fish attack it as I made my fast retrieve. Dang, I missed him, but boy was he aggressive. I cast again and bam, Fish On!!

All in all, it turned out to be a good half day of fishing. I found several schools of Red Drum, saw quite a few single fish and caught several fish as well. The weather was perfect, the Bald Eagles were vocal as they worked on there new nest, the Ospreys were soaring and it was just another great experience in the outdoors on the water.

Tight lines!!

Fish Fest 2012 was a big success!!

Fish Fest 2012 is in the bag and as in years past, it was a big success. It was great seeing fellow guides, old fishing friends, past clients and future clients alike! The Cape Fear Christian Sportsmen once again put on a first class show with a lot of local talent, a catered lunch by MOI catering, and lots of great fellowship.

If you were able to attend and sat in on my flats fishing seminar, I want to personally say Thank You for a great turnout and great participation from the audience. I thoroughly enjoy sharing the knowledge that I have acquired over the years. As I said in the seminar, my parents were teachers and I guess a little of that must have rubbed off on me as I enjoy teaching others what I love to do…Fish!!

If you weren’t able to make my class, don’t despair. I video taped my seminar and have it available for you to watch. I hope that you enjoy!!

Capt. Brent

Topwater Redfish Action

With temperatures returning closer to normal and not in the triple digits as of late, the Redfish bite picked up considerably over the weekend.

I set out early Sunday morning on a recon mission with my brother-in-law James and it didn’t take long to find a great school of tailing Redfish in about 2-1/2 feet of water. This school consisted of upper and over slot fish that aggressively consumed top water plugs at first light.

We launched from Topsail Beach at first light and made an early morning run down the glass slick ICW to our first location. Once on scene, I quietly ascended atop the poling platform of my East Cape Vantage to get an eagle’s eye view of the flat surrounding me while James took position on the bow ready to cast at my call. We quietly floated across the flat observing a slew of bait fish breaking the mirror like surface of the windless water. Off my bow and at about 2:00, I spotted the unmistakeable wake of a small school or Redfish exiting off our bow as they sensed our approach. Then, as I turned my head and looked to my South, there they were.

“James, tailers at 9:00”

Our hearts started to race at the sight of large tails breaking the surface as the fish were obviously feeding and by the looks of some of the tails I was seeing, I knew there were some big fish in this school. Spinning the Vantage 90 degress to port, I gave a couple of pushes with the Stiffy push pole to get just within casting range.

“Now James, cast” I commanded and he let the skitter walk fly through the air landing just on the other side of the tailers.

“Twitch it now” I said and the once, mirror like water shattered into a massive explosion of white water as the Red engulfed the tiny plug from the surface and the stradic began to sing as the fish made a fruitless attempt to escape with the bait firmly planted into his mouth. After a short battle, the fish came boatside and was released to fight again another day!!

If this sounds like your kind of fun, give me a call and let’s go fishing!!

Tight lines!!

Capt. Brent

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